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Use solar energy to generate on-site electricity
Solar PV array


USEA can help you scope the potential for renewable energy in your area.

We can also deliver a detailed feasibility study to help identify the most appropriate low carbon solution for a particular building or locality.

This service may help you take advantage of Feed-in Tariffs.


 "The introduction of Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) represents a real opportunity for public bodies to create environmental benefit, coupled with a range of economic benefits."  Energy Saving Trust

Benefits to your organisation

  • Generate 100% green electricity to reduce the carbon impact of Council services
  • Recoup your investment with FITs, then enjoy the benefits of free solar energy
  • Reduce operating costs by increasing energy efficiency before installing renewables

"Very useful information which helped us progress with our project." Client feedback

USEA will take a look at your project or building and recommend low carbon solutions that will work. Where energy efficiency measures (eg. insulation, behavioural change) would provide greater value we will indicate this. For all recommendations we project costs, payback period and reduced carbon. Sources of additional funding may also be suggested where available. 

Banbury Tourist Information, Watford Borough Council and Cottsway Housing Association have used USEA for work as varied as energy audits, research into solid wall insulation, and a report on renewable and low carbon technologies.

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