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Deliver an area based approach
man fitting loft insulation

Accelerate the uptake of insulation

Three things accelerate the uptake of home insulation in our experience: 
1) Grants 2) Promotion 3) Service.

USEA can help you make the case for further funding to subsidise insulation measures. We'll use our proven Area Based Approach to deliver the volume and quality of referrals needed to make your energy efficiency grant a success. With referrals channelled through our Cocoon service, quality is assured.

In 2009/10 over £0.5m of extra CERT funding was attracted into Milton Keynes thanks to the Council's £95 Insulation Offer managed by Cocoon. Almost 2500 extra households had insulation fitted as a result.

Benefits to your Organisation

  • Cocoon assumes the administrative burden related to your grant giving
  • USEA marketing support helps you make the most of low and no cost promotional channels (tailored tips, messaging and print designs supplied) 
  • Efficient service to householders (price includes grants, easy on-line option)
  • Call centre support helps ensure very high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Proven canvassing ensures volume referrals and virtually no complaints
  • Detailed reporting (Referrals tracked right through to installation or cancellation)

"Had the Council administered the grant itself, it is estimated administrative costs would have been at least £20,000. The incentive grant was administered and fully managed by the United Sustainable Energy Agency therefore saving around £16,500.’  

Louise Quinn, Chiltern District Council


An ABA starts with consultation, research and mapping to target areas with potential. A simple marketing plan is written up and agreed to make the most of free promotional channels. Usually canvassers are deployed in the second phase of the promotion. USEA's call centre handles all phone enquiries. 

Service Lead: Jan Deacon

For more information or to book a preliminary discussion, please contact Jan, or any one in the Sustainable Energy team.

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