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Monitoring and Reducing Carbon from LA Operations
Solar hot water evacuated tubes

Are you struggling to get a grip of your energy bills and monitor your emissions? Let us help.

We can help you measure and calculate your energy consumption. We measure emissions from the energy and fuel used in your relevant buildings and fleets, including where these services have been outsourced.


To reduce emissions you first measure them


Key features of our service include:

  1. Gathering monthly data from all your emission sources
  2. Providing monthly reports on your total energy consumption and emissions
  3. Helping you set targets in energy reduction and assisting you in measuring your performance against the target
  4. Tracking your emissions against the baseline emissions
  5. Assisting you in forecasting your emissions at the year end
  6. Providing guidance on measures to be undertaken to reach expected level of emissions
  7. Providing quarterly reports and frequent recommendations to improve data quality and achieve year on year reductions

USEA clients on this service include:

  • Aylesbury Vale District Council
  • Cherwell District Council
  • Three Rivers District Council
  • Watford Borough Council
  • West Oxfordshire District Council

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