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Introduction to Fuel Poverty Workshop

Objectives of the workshop

  • Raise awareness of fuel poverty;
  • Inform staff in contact with vulnerable residents what help is available to keep residents warm over winter;
  • Clarify the help available from Government including grants;
  • Increase understanding of the consequences of fuel poverty including the effects to health and property;
  • Reduce incidents of cold related conditions among  vulnerable residents;
  • Improve the energy efficiency of properties.


Day event:  09.45 – 16:00 (including breaks for lunch & refreshments) 

Who is the workshop aimed at:

This one day workshop is aimed at key frontline workers, volunteers and advisors who have regular contact with the public particularly those who are vulnerable to fuel poverty.

Outcomes and Benefits for participants

This activity based workshop will provide participants with an extensive knowledge of the major issues surrounding fuel poverty. There will be the possibility to explore the main causes of fuel poverty and examine potential solutions to help advise clients more effectively in future. Current national, regional and local fuel poverty statistics will be highlighted and participants will be challenged to tackle real life scenarios with suitable practical advice.
Participants leave the workshop with a technical guide and a list of useful resources.

Course Steps

1 – Understanding Fuel Poverty
Looking at how we define fuel poverty and the scale of impact that it has nationally.
This step will also cover the national policy on fuel poverty.

2- Causes and impacts of Fuel poverty
This section will look at the direct and indirect causes of fuel poverty and identify those most at risk. Participants will study the potential impact that fuel poverty has in terms of living conditions, physical and mental health, also the effect on property.
Participants will be challenged to look at clients in their own sector to indentify who they should be targeting.

3- Solutions
Participants will study technical responses to specific problems and be encouraged to actively contribute past experiences with clients. Participants will learn about energy efficiency,  methods of cost reduction and relevant existing grant schemes,. Participants will be challenged to put their newly acquired knowledge and skills to the test and to consider how these skills can be utilized in practice.


£225 plus VAT

£195 plus VAT: Charities & voluntary sector

£95 plus VAT: Charities & voluntary sector operating within the area covered by Milton Keynes Council

Costs include the training, a technical guide and a list of useful resources, lunch & refreshments as well as a certificate of attendance.

Tailored courses can be arranged for groups at a date and location to suit you.

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