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GHG Monitoring

Measuring and reporting company GHG emissions is an effective way to demonstrate your company’s efforts in sustainability. GHG emissions play an important part in your businesses reputation and brand value.

USEA can assist you in measuring your GHG emissions and report to you either monthly, quarterly or annually. These reports meet Defra/DECC guidance on company GHG emission reporting.

The Government has conducted a consultation on the future of company GHG emissions i.e. to decide whether it will be a statutory requirement from April 2012 for companies or whether it will continue to remain a voluntary scheme. An announcement on the result of this consultation is expected in the near future.


USEA can provide a service to collect, analyse and compile energy use and emissions data. Your company will need to supply USEA with energy consumption data expressed in agreed units. We can provide help with data collection and related procedures if you need it.
A draft report will be prepared in time for your GHG monitoring submission deadline. The report can be tailored to provide additional information if required.

Service Lead: Mark Saunders

For more information or to book a preliminary meeting, please contact Mark Saunders or our Sustainable Energy Services Team

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