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Caroline Flint MP visits the National Energy Centre

30 March 2012

Caroline Flint MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, visited the offices of USEA yesterday at the National Energy Centre, Milton Keynes.

Caroline Flint at USEA

Brad Hook, Chief Executive of United Sustainable Energy Agency and Brian White, Chair of the Board, gave Caroline a tour of the National Energy Centre and explained the current activities of the company and the challenges in the industry. Accompanying Caroline on the visit was Andrew Pakes, a local Labour Party activist and environmental campaigner.

There was much discussion about the upcoming Green Deal and the plans that USEA have for forming a Community Interest Company to act as a local Green Deal Provider.  

Brad Hook said "It was great to have Caroline visit USEA and have the opportunity to explain our exciting plans for Green Deal and the continued success of the agency"

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