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Milton Keynes Energy Map

Milton Keynes Council commissioned the production of a GIS-based Energy Map which it could use to support sustainable energy strategy formulation and spatial planning. USEA partnered with the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) to produce the map package and report.

The project identified sustainable energy sources and uses within Milton Keynes as well as analysing different low and zero carbon technologies currently in use and the opportunity for their wider implementation.

USEA has a long history of working in Milton Keynes and focused on building an inventory of existing energy saving measures and sustainable energy technologies within the borough all linked to geographical coordinates so that every measure and installation could be mapped. CSE used their energy mapping and sustainable energy expertise to the produce the final heat maps which are a visual summary of many thousands of pieces of data.

MK heat map 21

Milton Keynes is one the first local authorities to use heat mapping as a powerful visual tool to inform the development of important low and zero carbon strategies.  Having the information in map form means it is easier to spot gaps,  areas that present opportunities and the potential to maximise the effectiveness of low and zero carbon technologies.

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